Mission & Vision


Carrying on the mission of improving the quality of life of customers and the community, CRV Group is committed to bringing products with outstanding quality, constantly improving the value of services and living utilities, contributing to the sustainable development of cities and towns in Vietnam.


Becoming the leading strong real estate developer in Vietnam, building an ecosystem of quality projects, synchronous utility planning, green living environment and civilized community.

  • Core values
  • Quality – fine-tuned
  • Aggressive – effective
  • Transparency – prestige
  • Solidarity – share

Quality – thoroughness: Quality and attentiveness in products – quality and diligence in work are the top priorities of CRV group in all business activities and services. We are committed to the quality of products that are constantly improved and enhanced to meet the increasingly diverse needs of residents and partners.

Drastic – effective: Drastic, radical is the working style of CRV team to bring maximum efficiency in work, serving the interests of customers and society.

Transparency – prestige: Promote transparency in all activities both inside and outside the corporation to gain the absolute trust and consensus of partners, customers, employees, maintain the brand image. CRV group brand is reputable and reliable.

Solidarity – sharing: Solidarity with one heart, sharing the same will from leaders to employees. All members are on the same boat, concentric, synergistic, sharing benefits and responsibilities for a common mission, the development of the community and the corporation).

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